Loughner Massage & Lash Boutique


Our day spa offers more than just facials and waxing! 

Lash Lift - $40

also known as a lash perm, this service gives your eyelashes a semi-permanent lift and curl. Lasts for up to 4-8 weeks depending on lash length and growth. 

Lash Tint - $25

no need to use mascara! Results last 4-6 weeks depending on your lash growth. 

Lash Combo - $70 

a lash lift and tint combo

Lash Lift Trio - $80 

includes lash lift, tint and brow tint

Brow Tint - $15

no need for an eyebrow pencil with results lasting 4-6 weeks! 

Tint Combo - $35

includes brow and lash tint