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Cancelation Policy

*There is a $20-$40 No Show/Late Cancellation fee for any changes to appointments that are made under a 24 hour notice depending on the appointment type. Please leave a message on our voicemail if you do not reach us, even on a Sunday!

*Due to Amy K and Lexi B's tight schedule, the cancelation fee will be 50% of the service booked with them.

*If a client has multiple issues with not showing or late canceling, the cancellation fee will become 50% of the service booked with any service provider. They will then be asked to prepay for their next appointment.

*Due to the demand for appointments during the holidays, 50% of the appointment total will be charged for no shows and late cancels on holiday weeks. That includes Valentine's Day Week, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years week, Easter week, and weekends for the summer holidays.

*If a client shows up late for an appointment we will still perform the service for whatever time is remaining and do the best we have with the time allowed. The full price for the time originally marked off will be charged.

*We ask that clients do not respond to our email or text conformations to reschedule or cancel an appointment. The conformations are a courtesy that are automatically sent out through our booking software and we do not always receive replies to them. We also ask our clients to not rely solely on email or text confirmations since it is out of Loughner Massage & Lash Boutiques control if the system crashed or malfunctioned. 

*A credit card is need to hold all appointments booked. The only time a credit card would not be needed is if the client is using a gift certificate and in that case we would need the gift certificate number.

*We understand that some clients have unpredictable schedules due to work or personal life. Those clients may chose to only make 'same day appointments'. Same day appointments are when the client books their service on the day of instead of in advance. Same day appointments are generally harder to book so it is not our suggested method unless necessary.

*Gift certificates, Groupons and discounts may be voided or redeemed if a 24 hour cancellation notice is not given.

*There are no refunds on any services, packages, or gift certificates.
Added by Owner
Please know that we actually cringe at having to enforce this policy. We do everything that we can to avoid it. As a business full of busy staff members, we all understand that unexpected things come up and sometimes life gets in the way of allowing us to follow through with our commitments. We really do understand and we have all been there.
Fortunately, we have a great staff who are all very flexible and lenient.
Unfortunately, when they have multiple last minute changes in their schedules it really affects their ability to serve other clients who would have taken that time slot. Without our great staff we would not be in business.

Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.