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Lash and Brow Services

We know that everyone wants perfect lashes and brows, but everyone wants something different! Look Through some of the services that we offer for your lashes and brows and if you still need help deciding on what service will work best for you, give us a call!
Eyelash Extensions are synthetic extensions applied to each natural lash, this process will give you longer, darker and fuller lashes. The lash tech will evaluate your eye shape and your natural lashes to create a beautiful full lash that complements the rest of your eye and face. These results usually last between 2-4 weeks before a fill is needed.

Lifts and tints can be applied both to the lashes and the brow. Lash Lifts will curl your natural lashes while the tint will darken your natural lashes if you have naturally light hair. Like the lash tint, the brow tint will enhance your natural brows to the color that you usually use as a brow pencil. A brow lamination (or a brow lift) will tame unruly eyebrows or make thin brows appear thicker. These results usually last between 4-6 weeks.