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Oxygen Products 

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O2 Body Mist

Mist on after a shower or anytime your spirits need a lift and feel the pure oxygen supercharge rejuvenate your skin.  Experience the hydrating, moisturizing and the energizing power of pure oxygen infused with tantalizing scents:
    • Bliss- Soothe the soul, relax the mind and discover true body Bliss with the enlightening fusion of Hawaiian Ginger and Bergamot.
    • External- Replenish your soul as you experience an Eternal soothing that will invigorate and awaken the senses with the synergy of green clove and aloe.
    • Serenity- Comfort the senses with the scent of lavender mingling with sweet comforting chamomile. It’s heaven on earth, and the inspiration for this delicate fragrance of Serenity
    • Ocean Mist- The enticing fragrance of Ocean Mist opens with an unexpected pairing of lotus blossom and fragrant black currant then drifts into a finale of a luscious blend of aquatic flower, warmed by exotic woods
    • So Sexy- This irresistible Sexy fragrance will take you on a tropical escape with a seductive fragrance of lush jasmine blossoms.


Oxygen Enriched Air

Our clients love using our oxygen machine, and now we have a solution for them to bring pure oxygen to their own home! With our 02 enriched air, you inhale 3-5 breaths of this whenever you feel like you need a boost! There's 24+ deep breaths per can and doing this will replenish you and keep your mind sharp!