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Classic Lash Extensions

Full Set of Classic Lashes
30 Minute Touch-Up 

45 Minute Touch-Up

60 Minute Touch Up

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Volume Lash Extensions

Full Set of Volume Lashes
30 Minute Touch-Up

45 Minute Touch-Up
60 Minute Touch-Up 

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Hybrid Lash Extensions
(combination of Classic and Volume)

Full Set of Hybrid Lashes

30 Minute Touch up

45 Minute Touch Up

60 Minute Touch Up

*A $20 fee will be charged for all appointments canceled within 24 hours of the appointment or for no show appointments*
*Due to the demand for appointments during the holidays, 50% of the appointment will be charged for No Shows or Late Cancels on holiday weeks. That includes Valentine's Day Week, Christmas/New Years week, Easter week, and weekends for the summer holidays.*
Difference between Classic Eyelash Extension
and Volume Eyelash Extensions

With Classic Extensions the Lash Artist puts one lash extension onto one natural eyelash. They do that with each healthy natural eyelash you have.
With Volume Extensions the Lash Artist puts a fan of softer, thinner extensions onto one natural lash to create a fuller look. They can use anywhere from 2-6 Volume Extensions when creating a fan. Volumes are good for those who love a thicker, fuller look then what their natural lash would allow with only Classics. They are also good for those who have thinner and less natural lashes due to chemo, age, or just dealt a bad hand in the eyelash department.

Anything over 35 days days from your last appointment or less than 25% of lashes remaining will be considered a Full Set.

We ask that you do not come to your eyelash appointment with eye makeup on. Removing your eye makeup will cut into your appointment time. 

Please give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Gift certificates and discounts may be voided if a 24 hours cancellation notice is not given.

There are no refunds on any services, packages, or gift certificates.

Please read the bottom of this page if you have concerns about the retention of your extensions.
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Policy Regarding Clients Coming From Another Studio

When a client comes from another studio, our Lash Artists usually have some obstacles to overcome. Different lashes, technique, glue, and a chance of getting work that may not be as clean as we prefer. We do the best we can with what we have in front of us and try to never have to turn anyone away. Because of that we charge a little extra the first fill. 

But for the clients safety we will not work over-top of
  • cluster lashes
  • very messy or clumpy work from any previous Eyelash Technician
  • or damaged lashes

If you go to any place before us or in between your appointments with us, we have no problem preforming your touch ups as long as your lashes are not damaged and your extensions are cleanly put on but the aditional fee still applies.

If by chance your lashes are not lash-able because of the above reasons we will offer to remove them for you for the price of our removal ($25)

We can start a fresh full set if your lashes are not damaged and we have the time. in our schedule.

If a new set is not possible you can either leave the lashes you have on or remove them and schedule a full set for the future.

Please call our studio for any questions and for more information! 

During Your Session

Here at Loughner Massage & Lash Boutique, we promise to keep you relaxes and comfortable during your session. During this time you will enjoy a revitalizing gel pad that will hydrate, refresh, and firm the under eye area. During your first treatment, our lash experts will evaluate your facial structure and lifestyle to determine the best option for you. With proper aftercare your lashes will remain healthy and full for longer periods of time. 

Importance of Touch-Ups and Aftercare

Do not panic if some extensions begin to fall off for it is natural for the average person to shed 3-4 lashes a day. That is why our touch-up sessions are necessary to help you maintain your beautiful look. Suggested maintenance for eyelash extensions is every 2-4 weeks. Our experts will also educate you on  the "do's and don'ts" for eyelash care at the end of your session. Important ones to remember include:

  • Avoiding moisture and steam for 24 hrs.
  • Brushing/combing your lashes gently from the middle and going upwards after showering.
  • Avoiding any oily products applied to your lashes. Use oil free eye makeup remover and wash eyelashes with a lint free wand. By not properly washing your lashes, natural oils and sweat build up and may cause our synthetic lashes to fall off.
  • Do not rub your eyes/lashes.
  • Do not pull at your lashes (this may cause your natural lashes to fall off prematurely).
  • Use only water based mascara. Do not use water proof mascara.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler
  • Always use eye makeup remover, cleansers, and facial products free of oil, Parabens, polyethylene glycols (PEG), and Glycols. Be careful with shampoos and conditioner that include oils.
  • Avoid using oil based creams and make up that will cause lashes fall off prematurely.
  • Wear eye protection in tanning beds. Sweat, extreme heat, and steam can break down the adhesive and causing lashes to fall off.
  • Always use a good sealant to prevent everyday oils, pollutants, and dirt from damaging your lashes.
  • Touch Ups are recommended every 2-4 weeks (Use a good Eyelash Extension Sealant at least 2-3 times a week. This protects your lashes from moisture, oil, and dust and will increase the bonding strength).
  • Always ask questions regarding the proper care for your eyelashes.

Additional Information

Everyone has different lashes. Depending on the condition of your natural lashes, our experts may be limited to providing a certain length or thickness. If your natural lashes are damaged or too thin we may have to ask you to apply a growth serum that will require 4-6 weeks to work.  Visit our studio or contact us to learn more about our reliable growth serum.

Please keep in mind that we lose 2-3 lashes per eye per day so your extensions do fall out. We also have shedding cycles that can cause our natural lashes to fall out quicker then other times. Lashes will also prematurely fall out if proper aftercare is not taken. If you feel as if you are using proper aftercare and your extensions are prematurely faling out (and without your natural lash attached) you must contact us within 5 days of the appointment and have one of our Lash Experts look at your set. If you can not make it in wihin 5-7 days you must send a picture of your set to info@loughnermassage.com. After 5-7 days there is nothing we can do as some peoples natural shedding cycle could cause sparse lashes by that time.