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Salt Therapy

salt booth.jpg

In our Salt Booth you will receive multiple therapeutic treatments such as; 

  •  Halotherapy, Salt Therapy

  • Chromotherapy, Color Therapy

  • Sonotherapy, Sound Therapy



Salt therapy, also referred to as Halotherapy, uses salts natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and absorbent qualities to provide safe relief for respiratory and skin conditions. Heated salt becomes kinetically more active and turns into pure sodium chloride that gets crushed into micro particles that are then dispersed into the air using our halogenerator. From there the salt particles get inhaled into the respiratory system and absorbs and removes all the allergens, toxins, and foreign substances in your lungs. The salt also absorbs impurities and has anti-bacterial properties that benefit skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.


10 minutes in our Salt Booth is equivalent to 45 minutes in a Salt Cave. 


Our Salt Booth treatment can be done by itself or in combination with any of our treatments, getting a facial? Add on a session in our Salt Booth, the salt will help absorb all the bad particles on your skin so the products used during your facial will have a better effect! 

Try out a double session or in combination with our Serenity Experience!




10 min session- $20

20 min/double session- $35

Oxygen, Salt, and Paraffin dip- $35

Double Dose Oxygen, Salt, & Paraffin- $50

* able to add on to any other service

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