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Micro-Needling, Micro-Channeling, and Nano-Needling


Micro-needling or Collagen Induction Therapy is a skin
rejuvenation procedure that stimulates the skin’s natural ability to

repair/remodel itself, and regulate cell function.

Micro-needling and micro-channeling uses micro needles to create
thousands of micro-channels in the superficial layers of the skin. In

response to these micro-injuries, the body triggers the wound-
healing process. During this process, the body produces normal

woven collagen vs. scar collagen, resulting in thicker more youthful-
appearing skin.


Treatment series of 6- $1099

(Series pricing includes a take home Peptide Restoration Moisturizer~ $55 value)

Nano-Needling Facial:

Nano-Needling (also known as Nano-Infusion) is an aesthetic treatment that infuses active ingredients into the top layer of skin. This treatment is gentle
and safe, with zero downtime. It is non-invasive and only enters the
very top layers of the epidermis, therefore it’s painless but very

effective in product penetration.

Microscopic channels are created in the very top layer of skin which
allows for deeper absorption of products, resulting in immediate

plumb and glowing skin.

Long-term results are possible with a treatment series.


Treatment series of 6- $804

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